Tips in Settling In Your New Golf Club

Being a member of an exclusive golf club is definitely something golfers look forward to. Playing at amazing golf courses in Dubai and practicing your swings can make any golfer heart’s burst with excitement.

But some golfers feel a little bit anxious about joining a new club, especially when you don’t know a soul in that club. If you are joining a new golf club soon, here are some tips that might help you ease in:

  1. Strike a conversation

Just like the first day in school, one way you can ease in to your new environment is to make an effort to strike a conversation. Walk around the clubhouse and introduce yourself to the people around. Smile and be friendly. Ask a few questions, especially about the clubhouse.

  1. Get to know the area

As much as you want to go and make your first swing, the next thing that you need to do is familiarize yourself to the place. Know where the important locations within the clubhouse aside from the golf course. You can go to the practice putting green, warm-up nets, and pitching area. Consider warming up first before you proceed with your first tee.

  1. Look the part

First impression is important, especially when you are trying to ease into your new environment. Be sure to dress appropriately. Wear appropriate golfing attire when you go to the clubhouse. Some clubhouses are very particular with their member’s attire while inside the premises. Be sure to know the dress code before you make your first clubhouse visit.

  1. Join groups

Peers and grouping are common sightings in club houses. There might be times that you want to play on your own, but joining a group can also be beneficial for your golfing career. They can be your support group and they can also help you to join any golf Dubai tournament by signing your scorecards and let them introduce you to the handicap secretary.

  1. Be generous

Once you are acquainted with a group of golfers in your new club, what you can do is to be magnanimous and pay the next round for your new friends. Buying one round is also showing how grateful you are for accepting you to the group.

  1. Mind your etiquette

Golfing etiquette is easy to follow, yet some club members failed to emulate it. Make a good impression by following the regulations set by the clubhouse management. And also, be sure to be polite to all the members of the club.