5 Cardinal Design Rules That Should Not Be Broken

We all know that rules are supposed to be broken. But there are guiding principles that should be followed to a letter to ensure that the design will come out splendidly and as what the client requires. Expert in Bishop design in Dubai revealed that there are certain interior design rules that should be implemented as is.


If you are in the process of learning the rudiments of a villa interior design in Dubai, here are some cardinal interior design rules that you should follow and recognized:

  1. Don’t use curtains with awkward length

One of the most common mistake that homeowners commit is using curtains that are too long or too short. If it is too short, the space will look cheap. If it is too long, the space would look amateurish. Do not experiment on this design aspect as it can make or break the space. Be sure to use curtain with appropriate length to make the design look clean and polished.

  1. Use floor rugs with right dimensions

Another common design mistake that has been committed many times over is using ill-fitting rug. Like the curtains, using unscaled rug can ruin the overall design. The key here is to choose a rug that can fit all your furniture, no matter how expensive they are. If this is too small, do not try to make it work. Your efforts will just end in vain.

  1. Stick with a color palette

There was a time when having a multi-colored space is a trend. But that time has passed and more people are looking for more cohesive designs and uniform-colored spaces. Be sure to follow a strict color palette that will unify the space. You don’t have to limit yourself with one color. You can use a couple of hues that complement one another.

  1. Hang artwork at eye level

You probably see an artwork at home and wonder why it is awkward to look at, even when it is beautiful. There might be something wrong with the way it was hanged. The rule of thumb is to hanging artworks at eye level to make it easier to look at. Do not attempt to hang them lower or higher than usual.

  1. Using a number of lighting fixtures

Most homeowners swear by uniformity, so they apply it on all aspects of the space, including the lighting fixture. But you need to keep in mind that each space has different lighting requirements. Try using a variety of lighting fixtures for each space.