What you can gift your child on his birthday?

On birthdays, children expect that they will get toys and gifts from their patents and parents are nervous that what should they gift to their kids. 

Thus, to lessen the nervousness, the best thing is to ask your child or take him or her with you to store and ask the child to buy himself. But if you want to give him surprise then go to a kids party Dubai and buy one if the following! 

Toy car: Children love big electronic toy cars which they can control through remote control. There are varieties of remote control cars in store. Some of them are cheap and some are expensive. Some are attractive and some are not so good. So buy any of the car, but it should be within your budget. 

Books: There are many children who love to read books. Buy books for them according to their age and preferred genre. You can ask them about their favorite books and likes and dislikes. Besides this, you can buy by yourself too for your kid. But buy cheaper books. Don’t go at expensive stores to buy original books for them. It will cost you a lot 

Lego: Blocks and buildings are love of children. They love to create something by themselves. There are big sets of Lego in store. Buy affordable set for your child and gift it on the day of birthday. For first few days, play with him or her from blocks go tell them how to pay then let them play by themselves and learn to create by themselves. 

Doctor set: If you want to tell your kids about occupations and professions then you can buy doctor set for them too. You can get more varieties of sets for different professions in store if you search for it. Doctor set have instruments used by doctors. Thus, you have to pay with child to tell them makes of each instrument. 

Fishing set: Fishing set is a set of artificial fish and fishing rod. Children are supposed to put fish in water and catch them via rod and then put them in net. Buying this toy can give a lot of fun. They will learn to catch fish.

Scrabble: If you want your child to become wordsmith then buy scrabble for him and play it with him or her.

Chess: You can buy chess too to improve his overall thinking and brain functioning.