How to plan the perfect girls’ night out

This sounds like such a hard task especially with this extremely busy life with one of your friends looking after kids, one busy with her job, one looking after her engagement preps and you being in middle of that all. Before you cancel out any plans thinking the day when you ladies get to sit together and gossip is never going to come, just take a look at these tips and tell us what you think:

  • Monday nights

If you are aware of the amazing ladies night Monday in Dubai offers then this should not be a problem for you. Monday is such a random day of the week when everyone’s getting back to their schedules with their busy lives which makes it the perfect day to break off from the usual weekly hassle and enjoy for a bit. Weekends are usually very busy but everyone can make time during the week because this way they know and are well aware of the time crunch they are on but also are happy for a random mid week break.

  • Signature drinks are a must

No matter what kind of party you have and whatever the theme is make sure that you have a signature drink prepared and in mind. Even corporate event organisers in Dubai make sure to ask you what kind of drinks you would like to have so that they can prepare it in advance. Signature drinks add a different kind of spark to the event and this way you can make sure that all the ladies drink up and get lose so that they feel like themselves more and you all can have nostalgic feels again.

  • Only ladies invited – no tag alongs please

This is the one rule which you need to establish from the very beginning. Make sure that every single participant comes without a tag along child or spouse because this way it is not really going to be a ladies night when they are constantly worried about their children biting each other’s head off and spouses giving no privacy. Have some alone time and make it fun and relaxing.

  • Dance and have fun

Music is very important. Make sure that after having your favourite drinks you are ready to get on the dance floor and play back to the nostalgic songs or find the new ones according to your friends’ taste.