The Great Legacy of Liverpool FC

The Liverpool has won many titles and it is one of the all time most famous football clubs of the Europe. Liverpool has also honor of winning most of the football titles. This club has gained the world record of winning most of the European titles. This team has many rivals in football world. Many teams have a history with Liverpool some teams wants to beat Liverpool in the finals or in any big game of the leagues in order to pay back. Liverpool has a legendry legacy which they want to carry on in future. Many Legends and world class footballers have played from Liverpool. Fans of different Football clubs can buy shoes of different types from football boots Dubai because Dubai is one of the top exporters of football stuff.

The number of titles won by Liverpool:

The Liverpool has won world club championship 1 time. They have won FA cup 7 times. They are 6 times Champion League winner. UEFA cup has been won by Liverpool for more than once and UEFA super cup has been won by Liverpool for 4 times. This club is 18 times Champions of England .They have won intercontinental Cup 2 times and league cup 8 times. The reds have won a lot of awards from FIFA also. If you are Fan of Liverpool football club you can buy Liverpool Merchandise online from many different websites.

Anfield ground is an Identity of Liverpool:

A home ground is an identity of a team. The home ground of Liverpool is Anfield stadium and it is the stadium from where the history of Liverpool started .This is the ground on which Liverpool played its debut match. This ground is also legally owned by Liverpool since 1893.The Founding Father of Liverpool was John Holding who was the owner of Anfield ground. Liverpool has won many historical matches there. They won there from Barcelona from 4:0 and reached to the champions league finals. Liverpool national anthem was released in 1950 and every single fan of Liverpool sings that song in the support of his team. Fans usually sing that song in a certain rhythm loudly. Fans of Liverpool not only support their team by singing Liverpool anthem but also tease its rivals. Whenever a team is playing against Liverpool in Anfield ground the fans of Liverpool make it difficult for opponent team to play. The sitting capacity in Anfield ground is around 54000.