Tips for Vegan Bakers

Vegan are the kind of people who believe in eating vegetables and plants only and they do not relay on any other kind of living creature either they are sea animals, birds or any other animals for that matter. They don’t even use the products that use dairies and they have separate restaurants for that. In the past used to eat vegetables only if they were allergic to any kind of meat and that meat didn’t suite their stomachs. But people have been converting to vegan because they want to save the planet’s echo system by saving the animals. There are vegan medicines as well.

Being a vegan doesn’t mean that they can’t do celebrations because they can’t have beer or have a cake, now there are vegan beers which have zero preservatives in them and some preservative have chemicals which come from bees or other insects, and there are vegan cakes as well. But vegan bakers are very limited and it requires very long practice and deep knowledge of vegan cooking as well and being a vegan baker is profession of precision. Newly vegan bakers will face a lot of problems because they can’t use eggs and different oils which have animal fat extracts. So, new vegan bakers have to search a lot online. And in this article, some of the newly vegan bakers can have some very good tips.

Replacing eggs can be difficult task, all cakes or different bakery items require eggs but vegan don’t eat eggs. Bakers can use mashed banana or flax seeds which has to be mixed in water. If you are a new vegan baker then you need to mix different things and see the best results you get. Also, you can mix different ingredients with aquafaba. This is a new addition is replacement of eggs and it is a liquid which is made up of chickpeas. Don’t worry about the taste of chickpeas in the cake because it goes away when you mix other things and bake it.

If you are expat or resident of UAE and looking for vegan cakes, say no more, you can have vegan wedding cake in Dubai and also order cakes in Dubai online. But most vegan food is available online, there are vegan restaurants but the menu is limited and it is too much expensive.