Why are disinfectant companies important?

Cleaning and disinfecting your house with off the shelf cleaning products is possible but in order to sanitize commercial or public spaces, you need to hire a professional disinfectant company to do the job. Unlike residential spaces, public spaces host hundreds of people every day which makes the spread of disease and virus more likely. In order to keep these spaces safe for the public, specially hospitals and clinics which require more sensitive care, a professional disinfecting and sanitizing company is needed.

What do disinfectant and sanitization companies do?

There’s a huge difference between off the shelf cleaning products and industrial cleaning products that professional companies use. These products are EPA approved and contain the appropriate levels of chemicals and disinfectants that are capable of killing germs. Only industrial chemicals can be used to kill germs at a large scale and they are not available in your local store.

The companies that offer home sanitizing services in Dubai follow three steps to ensure that the space is thoroughly disinfected. First, a disinfectant or a wet chemical is sprayed on the surfaces which is allowed to dwell on them for a specific time. This chemical is wiped out with hands after its dwelling time is over. In the final step, a fine disinfectant mist is sprayed to kill airborne viruses or reach spaces that can’t typically be reached. The area is then closed for 24 hours to let the affect take place.

Some chemicals also act as a shield against germs for up to 90 days by forming covalent bonds with the surface they were in contact with. For common touch points such as door knobs and switch boards, this is a huge deal. The antimicrobial properties enable it to create a layer of spikes that mechanically rupture the cell membranes of viruses, thus inhibiting its growth and spread. There are also chemicals safe to apply on food contact surfaces such as countertops and utensils.

The disinfectants are applicable on both hard, soft, and porous surfaces. You can also choose from chemicals that are botanical, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-abrasive. Some chemicals don’t even require rinsing or wiping the surfaces after application.

Professional disinfectant companies have trained staff that is equipped with the right uniform for their own protection against the chemicals and virus. You should not perform this job without the adequate uniform, equipment and knowledge of hazards.

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