A Simple Guide for Guys On Choosing And Giving Flowers

For some men, buying flowers can be complicated. With a number of choices presented to them, they often resort to choosing the common floral arrangements that they first see in gift shops.

But it doesn’t have to be this way always. To help these guys out, some gifting specialists compiled a list of tips and pointers that would help them choose the right blooms for their special someone:

  1. Order the blooms in advance

Some guys think that ordering flowers last-minute is okay. Although you can still order a stunning arrangement from shops providing online flower delivery to Dubai, you don’t have the luxury to choose the best arrangement for the occasion. Florists always advise their clients to order their flower arrangement in advance. This would give the clients time to decide on the arrangement and the florist to work with the bouquet.

  1. Personalized the blooms


When ordering flowers for a special someone, do not just settle for the common color of blooms that you see in the shop. Try to infuse your special someone’s personal touch on the arrangement. It would be best to pick flowers that relate to the person’s personality and style. You can either go for flowers that describe the person’s character or their favorite color.


  1. Go for long-lasting flowers


We all know that floral arrangements are not meant to last, but it doesn’t mean that you will pick blooms that will wither easily. You might want to ask your florist what flowers would be the best option and can last long given the extreme weather conditions. If the flowers you pick is prone to wilting, it would be best to ask your florist for instructions on how they can last longer in vases.


  1. Know the specific details for delivery


The timing of delivery is essential, especially if you want to surprise the person. Be sure to provide the shop the complete delivery details – from the name of the person who should receive the arrangement to the address where it should be delivered. If you can, provide the specific landmark to make it easier for the delivery team to find the exact location.


  1. Do not forget to include a note


Do not just put a generic note on the arrangement. Writing a personalized message would make the gift extra special. So take time to write a sweet message that would put a smile on the receiver’s face.

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