How To Utilize SEO To Boost Your Recruitment Strategies

But there are still some channels and marketing venues that these recruiters can explore to up their chances of scoring quality talents – and that is SEO. Yes, organic search can be maximized for recruitment, and experts in SEO in Dubai are sharing some tips on how recruiters can use this digital marketing strategy:

  • Optimize site for search engines


The first thing that you need to do is to fix your company’s website to comply with the search engine’s guidelines and requirements, especially the recruitment page. Search engines are quite strict with sites who are not following the rules and guidelines. Either your site will be placed lower on recruitment-related keywords or it will not be shown completely for related search terms. Take some time to learn these rules and make an initiative to fix the site based on the regulations. On top of mind, one of the main requirements is having a mobile-friendly site to accommodate mobile users.


  • Insert recruitment-related keywords

The foundation of an excellent SEO marketing is the keyword research. Same goes with SEO recruitment planning. You need to know what are the related terms that are highly used by candidates when searching for job postings over the net. There are a number of ways to do your keyword research. One is using keyword research tools that will help you determine what search phrases are appropriate for your campaign. Second is conducting surveys amongst job seekers and candidates.


  • Regularly publish content


Posting quality content is not just for complying with the search engines’ requirements. It is also for enticing potential candidates and users who visit your site. Having relatable write-ups can help you lure in prospective talents and let them know what your company can offer. Try to vary your content – from articles to visuals. This is to accommodate different types of readers and also make the content shareable across all platforms.


  • Use social media for content sharing

And speaking of sharing, one way to enhance your SEO-recruitment strategy is by incorporating your social media platforms to this tactic. If you have ongoing LinkedIn marketing efforts, you might as well use this platform to promote the website and the company and share recruitment-related content on your company’s LinkedIn page.