How to shop for perfumes in Dubai?

The top officials and superstars are known by the fragrance they wear. The Middle Eastern culture pretty much goes by the same rule. People in the United Arab Emirates use fragrances and perfumes rather religiously. If you have happened to visit a mall in Dubai or in any other states of the UAE, your nose and smelling senses must have been treated well by a combination of many fragrances. You can easily find the best perfumes by the top international brands and local companies at any big mall in Dubai, but it becomes really a hard job to select from a wide range with their fragrances not only get mixed up but also induce headache. If you’re looking for Arabic perfumes in Dubai there are certain things you should keep in mind before finally purchasing any of them.


  1. Before you set out on a walk to the mall for purchasing a fragrance or a perfume, you must do some homework. Try researching about different fragrance families on internet which would educate you about what sort of perfume should you wear. Fragrances families like oriental, fruity, floral, and woody are always in top demand while some of the top brands like eau de toilette and eau de parfum are also in high demand in the local market.
  2. Always make sure to avoid the heavily discounted perfumes as their manufacturers not only compromise on the quality and quantity of the perfume but their smell can also be pungent enough to keep people away from you.
  3. We all have our favorite perfume brands and unique taste for fragrances. You should keep your personal preference on top while shopping for perfumes because you know your favorite perfume better than anyone else and only you can tell how intense or mild fragrance you want to wear. The outgoing and bold individuals generally opt for intense fragrances while the introverts normally use mild fragrances.
  4. When you go to a perfume shop, you should always take your time before eventually choosing the one that perfectly suits your requirements. You should always keep in mind the fact that different fragrances give their best in different times of the day. It totally depends on the timing of the event that you want to attend. You should select the perfume accordingly.


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