5 Tips On Creating Realistic SEO Goals For Your Campaign

Every race has a finish line and every project has an end-goal. Having something to look forward to will make you more determined to achieve it. Same goes with SEO campaigns. Having an SEO goal will make it easier for digital marketers and SEO companies in Dubai to provide clients what they need to help their business.

But setting an SEO goal is no easy task. In fact, SEO consultants and experts should get it right the first time as this will be the basis of the overall strategies that will craft. If you are having difficulty putting together a list of SEO goals for your campaign, these pointers might be able to help:

  1. Be specific about it


Having a generic goal for an SEO okay, but expect generic results as well. Break your goals down to a specific list will help you to create a more furnished and solid SEO strategies. As much as possible, try to be crystal-clear on the goal you want to achieve. List as many specific SEO goals that you want, and then narrow it down to a few that is aligned to your business objective and overall marketing goals.


  1. It should be quantifiable


Most of the time, clients would just say “I want more page views and visitors.” But how many is how many. In these cases, it is up to the digital marketer to suggest a feasible number that they want to achieve. Having a quantifiable and measurable goal can help both the client and the digital team to measure the efficacy of the campaign. Without a specific numerical goal, the campaign will just be the type of SEO campaign that is just floating into the air without proper projection.


  1. It should be attainable


One of the biggest mistakes in creating an SEO goal is creating a list of objectives that is not achievable. You need to remember that SEO is not a magic wand that would make your digital problems disappear. An SEO campaign is done in a systematic and methodical way to produce results. Do not aim for something impossible. Instead, aim for something that is feasible given situation of the business and digital marketing landscape.


  1. It should be realistic


When you are setting goals for your SEO campaign, you also need to take into consideration if the goal is realistic to achieve given your resources and manpower. There is a distinction between achievable and realistic goals. Apart from that, it should be relevant as to the current industry approach.


  1. It should be time-bound


A project without a deadline is no project at all. You need to set a realistic timeline to avoid wasting resources on an approach that is not working. Be sure to set a timeframe depending on your KPIs and strategies.

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