Why Cutting Back On Office Space Will Cost You More

For most business owners, office space is not a top priority – employees can work everywhere despite their working conditions. For this kind of employers, the important thing is the worker are properly compensated. This is a common scenario in the business world, especially for business in the infancy stage.

But the truth is, the office space can impact the way the business grows. There are a number of studies indicated how a working environment can positively or negatively affect the expansion of the business. That is why a lot of business experts advise starting entrepreneurs to invest in top Co-working spaces in Dubai. If you are not convinced about getting a high-quality office space for your business, these end-results might change your mind:

  1. Impact employee’s productivity


As mentioned, a lot case studies already indicated how a well-designed space can affect one’s mindset, especially at work. The effect of working in a poor working environment is gradual. At first, the employees think that they can thrive in this kind of environment. But over time, you will notice a significant drop in performance. A poorly-designed office space can influence one’s creativity. They will appear uninspired and unproductive. Holding back on revamping your office space or getting a fine working space in business center Dubai can affect your business performance in the long run.

  1. Impact on your recruitment and retention


Top talents today are looking for more than just great compensation package and benefits. They are also looking into a business that can provide them a safe and inspiring working environment to work in. If your space does not meet the standard of potential candidates, you are definitely losing top talents to be part of your team.


It can also immensely impact your attrition rate. Once an employee finds a suitable working environment, there is a chance that this employee will leave his/her current post and go for a company that would provide him/her the perfect trifecta: a raise in salary, better working opportunities and a better working environment.


  1. Impact on branding

As we all know, branding is essential in any business. It is what makes a company stand out. And branding should manifest not only in marketing collaterals but also in one’s office space. A poorly-designed space will reflect your company’s reputation and branding. It can also impact the trustworthiness of your business.  It can cause you your potential clients and prospective investors and result in business stagnancy and slow growth.