Where to Find the Best Cocktails in Dubai?

The best news for a tourist from the western world visiting the United Arab Emirates is that Dubai is full of some of the most amazing nightclubs where you can have a ball with your office mates, friends, family members, and acquaintances. However, most of these clubs and bars are located in the hotels as the local laws don’t allow anyone to drink alcohol publically. Different clubs cater to different brands of people but mostly the crowd is a mix of both eastern and western party goers. As the week runs from Sundays to Thursdays in Dubai, most of the nightclubs are jam-packed no Thursday and Friday nights. You might have to be part of a long queue to enter these clubs on these two nights, so be prepared for that. You can always trust a good hotel to have a cocktail bar in Dubai.

Some of the most popular nightclubs and bars generally host a ladies’ club night on either Mondays or Tuesdays which allow the ladies to enter the clubs for free. If you’re lucky, you might even get free drinks with a free entry to a top-quality luxury night club in Dubai. In the past, most of these nightclubs had no entrance fee, but the huge increase in the number of party goers in recent times has forced the owners and management of these clubs and bars to set a cover charge of around 200 AEDs.

Generally, there is no dress code for any of these dance clubs and nightclubs but mostly women wear short skirts and other short dresses like micro minis while men mostly choose t-shirts and jeans as their clubbing attire. Some of the top clubs have bouncers in place which are instructed by the management of the clubs to only allow the people who are well dressed. There are many clubs that don’t allow men in jeans and women in shorts or flip-flops, but generally anyone can find a nightclub of his or her choice rather easily.

Anyone, who is 21 years old, is allowed to drink alcohol and enjoy the Dubai nightlife. Most of these clubs take this rule very seriously and can always ask the visitors to produce any card or document which proves they are 21 or more of age. You might have to keep your passport, Emirates ID, or driving license during your visit to these nightclubs and bars. You may click here to find out more on how you can add value to your trip to a luxury nightclub in Dubai.


A Simple Guide for Guys On Choosing And Giving Flowers

For some men, buying flowers can be complicated. With a number of choices presented to them, they often resort to choosing the common floral arrangements that they first see in gift shops.

But it doesn’t have to be this way always. To help these guys out, some gifting specialists compiled a list of tips and pointers that would help them choose the right blooms for their special someone:

  1. Order the blooms in advance

Some guys think that ordering flowers last-minute is okay. Although you can still order a stunning arrangement from shops providing online flower delivery to Dubai, you don’t have the luxury to choose the best arrangement for the occasion. Florists always advise their clients to order their flower arrangement in advance. This would give the clients time to decide on the arrangement and the florist to work with the bouquet.

  1. Personalized the blooms

When ordering flowers for a special someone, do not just settle for the common color of blooms that you see in the shop. Try to infuse your special someone’s personal touch on the arrangement. It would be best to pick flowers that relate to the person’s personality and style. You can either go for flowers that describe the person’s character or their favorite color.

  1. Go for long-lasting flowers

We all know that floral arrangements are not meant to last, but it doesn’t mean that you will pick blooms that will wither easily. You might want to ask your florist what flowers would be the best option and can last long given the extreme weather conditions. If the flowers you pick is prone to wilting, it would be best to ask your florist for instructions on how they can last longer in vases.

  1. Know the specific details for delivery

The timing of delivery is essential, especially if you want to surprise the person. Be sure to provide the shop the complete delivery details – from the name of the person who should receive the arrangement to the address where it should be delivered. If you can, provide the specific landmark to make it easier for the delivery team to find the exact location.

  1. Do not forget to include a note

Do not just put a generic note on the arrangement. Writing a personalized message would make the gift extra special. So take time to write a sweet message that would put a smile on the receiver’s face.

Read more about online flower delivery here.

How To Utilize SEO To Boost Your Recruitment Strategies

Getting the right people the right people for your team is imperative if you want to propel your company to the next level. Which is why recruiters and human resources are utilizing every channel to source top talents and get the candidates they need to widen their talent pool.

But there are still some channels and marketing venues that these recruiters can explore to up their chances of scoring quality talents – and that is SEO. Yes, organic search can be maximized for recruitment, and experts in SEO in Dubai are sharing some tips on how recruiters can use this digital marketing strategy:

  • Optimize site for search engines

The first thing that you need to do is to fix your company’s website to comply with the search engine’s guidelines and requirements, especially the recruitment page. Search engines are quite strict with sites who are not following the rules and guidelines. Either your site will be placed lower on recruitment-related keywords or it will not be shown completely for related search terms. Take some time to learn these rules and make an initiative to fix the site based on the regulations. On top of mind, one of the main requirements is having a mobile-friendly site to accommodate mobile users.

  • Insert recruitment-related keywords

The foundation of an excellent SEO marketing is the keyword research. Same goes with SEO recruitment planning. You need to know what are the related terms that are highly used by candidates when searching for job postings over the net. There are a number of ways to do your keyword research. One is using keyword research tools that will help you determine what search phrases are appropriate for your campaign. Second is conducting surveys amongst job seekers and candidates.

  • Regularly publish content

Posting quality content is not just for complying with the search engines’ requirements. It is also for enticing potential candidates and users who visit your site. Having relatable write-ups can help you lure in prospective talents and let them know what your company can offer. Try to vary your content – from articles to visuals. This is to accommodate different types of readers and also make the content shareable across all platforms.

  • Use social media for content sharing

And speaking of sharing, one way to enhance your SEO-recruitment strategy is by incorporating your social media platforms to this tactic. If you have an ongoing LinkedIn marketing efforts, you might as well use this platform to promote the website and the company and share recruitment-related content on your company’s LinkedIn page.

Why Cutting Back On Office Space Will Cost You More

For most business owners, office space is not a top priority – employees can work everywhere despite their working conditions. For this kind of employers, the important thing is the worker are properly compensated. This is a common scenario in the business world, especially for business in the infancy stage.

But the truth is, the office space can impact the way the business grows. There are a number of studies indicated how a working environment can positively or negatively affect the expansion of the business. That is why a lot of business experts advise starting entrepreneurs to invest in top commercial office space for rent in Dubai. If you are not convinced about getting a high-quality office space for your business, these end-results might change your mind:

  1. Impact employee’s productivity

As mentioned, a lot case studies already indicated how a well-designed space can affect one’s mindset, especially at work. The effect of working in a poor working environment is gradual. At first, the employees think that they can thrive in this kind of environment. But over time, you will notice a significant drop in performance. A poorly-designed office space can influence one’s creativity. They will appear uninspired and unproductive. Holding back on revamping your office space or getting a fine working space in Dubai business center can affect your business performance in the long run.

  1. Impact on your recruitment and retention

Top talents today are looking for more than just great compensation package and benefits. They are also looking into a business that can provide them a safe and inspiring working environment to work in. If your space does not meet the standard of potential candidates, you are definitely losing top talents to be part of your team.

It can also immensely impact your attrition rate. Once an employee finds a suitable working environment, there is a chance that this employee will leave his/her current post and go for a company that would provide him/her the perfect trifecta: a raise in salary, better working opportunities and a better working environment.

  1. Impact on branding

As we all know, branding is essential in any business. It is what makes a company stand out. And branding should manifest not only in marketing collaterals but also in one’s office space. A poorly-designed space will reflect your company’s reputation and branding. It can also impact the trustworthiness of your business.  It can cause you your potential clients and prospective investors and result in business stagnancy and slow growth.

5 House Maintenance Tips For Pet Owners

Owning a pet can bring a lot of advantages to you and your family’s life. Pets are known as the best stress reliever and it can also help you in teaching the kids to be responsible individuals. But of course, owning one is also an added work for homeowners. Aside from providing special care for your pets, you need to ensure that the house is spotless and free of lint and fur left by your pets.

To keep your place pristine, cleaning experts provided a list of pointers for homeowners who are living with their pets:

  1. Train your pets

One of the things that make homeowners crazy are pets soiling everywhere around the house. It can ruin your furniture and leave your home smelling awful. To prevent this from happening, be sure to train your pets to litter and urinate in the right places. Most pet owners take their dogs and cats for a walk so they can do their business outside the house. Some pet owners set up a pet station in their homes where they train their pets to actually go there when they feel the need to urinate or poop.

  1. Keep your furry pets clean

Apart from training your pets to litter on the right place, you should also ensure that they are clean at all times. Pets can leave their smell on your linens and furnishings. If they are not clean, the bad smell would probably stick to the linen material making it smell awful as well. As per cleaning experts, this smell can be hard to come off. So, make it a habit to clean your pets and bathe them regular so they will look and smell clean, so as your furnishings.

  1. Get the right equipment

Dogs and cats have the tendency to leave their hairs behind your linens and furnishings. This is not only unsightly to look at, but it can also pose health hazards to the people living inside. This can cause respiratory ailments like allergies. Be sure to get the best vacuum cleaner for pets to eliminate dog and cat hairs in your linens and couches.

  1. Watch out for pet accidents

Even though you fully trained your pets, there will be instances that these pet “accidents” will happen. Be sure to watch out for that and clean it after. You can also train the whole family to spot these pet emergencies.

  1. Choose the right type of furnishings

If you are tired of cleaning and vacuuming for pet hairs, maybe it is time to replace your furnishing. There are certain materials that easily attracts pet hairs. Cleaning experts call these materials “pet hair magnets”. If you think your couch belongs to this category, consider replacing them with a different material.


Visit website to know more about housekeeping tips.

How to Establish Your Company in Dubai

In the past few decades, the United Arab Emirates has assumed the role of the Middle Eastern region’s major trade hub which has attracted some of the biggest companies in the world. These companies originated not only in the Asian world but some of the biggest names in the western business arenas have also established their regional wings in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other states of the UAE. By setting up their regional bases in the UAE, the foreign business juggernauts have given them a great chance of tapping some of the regional trade hubs like Africa, South Asia, Central Asia, South East Asia, Europe, and Australasia.


The local authorities have set up a number of free trade zones which allow the foreign companies to keep an absolute ownership of their setups in the UAE and they also enjoy amazing tax benefits and other related advantages. Let’s review some of the biggest advantages of setting up your company and how a professional PRO service provider can assist you in streamlining your company’s transition.


  1. The professional PRO services providing company takes all your burden on its shoulders and takes responsibility of making your business transition a smooth experience. They know which documents a new company requires in the UAE and they are fully aware of dealing with the local authorities, which allow you to have all the documentation necessities approved and authenticated by the local government and its departments.
  2. The reliable PRO services company allows the foreign business players to focus on their core business activities rather than dedicating their precious time in their interactions with the local authorities. This allows the companies to make sure better production and improved profits.
  3. A PRO company allows the foreign businesses with all the local processes which also include opening a bank account in one of the several regional banks. In this manner, they help their clients to handle their transactions and finances in an efficient manner.
  4. By hiring a PRO services company, you keep your focus on the other aspects of the business and manage to cut down your expenses on various management and administration tasks
  5. Another amazing aspect of hiring a local PRO services company is that it saves you from buying services of the additional staff members to ensure proper operations of your company in the UAE. Once you get registered, you can directly move on to the next step which is to produce your goods or finding the suitable clients for your services.


Dubai Travel Guide

There are two types or people in this world. People who like to travel and visit places, and those who like to stay at home. It is those who love to travel who are going to make a plan to visit Dubai. Like it or not, Dubai is big, it’s fun, and there is no limit to it. The only thing that will restrict you is your own schedule. If you happen to be a Dubai or Sharjah resident, visiting the city every other week will be a norm to you. For those of you who are heading Dubai for the first time, there are things to know that might interest them. Apart from visiting downtown Dubai, there are several different activities you can involve into. For those of you who feel their stomachs don’t work unless they eat something, you’ve landed at the right place. Dubai offers a number of interesting and delicious cuisines for all types of customers.

An interesting part is that you can even your local cuisine if you look hard enough around the city. There is no denying that Dubai is one of those places in the world that have hidden shades of diversity. The many facets of diversity are that you often end up finding something you would love to have. Dubai is a diverse city, as it is home to many different people belonging to different countries, cultures and societies. Suffice to say that in a city that is home to such diversity, seeing clothing, cuisines, languages and traditions that don’t belong to a GCC country is a little strange. At the same time, this is where the true charm of this city comes from. When it comes to recreation and dining, Dubai stands proud above many. You can take an expensive five-star dining over Burj Khalifa, or have it at some other less expensive restaurant like Jumeirah Lake Tower, or even Burj Al Arab among others.


There is a hotel in Dubai that rotates. The whole floor slowly rotates in either direction. Known as the rotating tower, it keeps rotating and makes you feel unique and amazing. Seeing the tower from outside is even more bizarre as people feel as if the tower is about to fall any moment. Call it the marvel modern engineering and architecture if you like but the rotating tower is just one of the many interesting things in Dubai.

Gear up for more as you are about to go on a crazy ride.

Healthcare In Dubai – Where Does It Stand?

It is a fact that many people know Dubai for many things but what if someone told you about a rising facet of Dubai as well? That’s true, Dubai may be the hub of entertainment, tourism and investment but not many of you may have thought it to be the next big thing in healthcare industry. Sounds too good to be true right, well, we may see Dubai becoming an emerging contender for providing the best, and probably affordable healthcare in the region if not in the world. Wait, associating healthcare with Dubai might make sense to readers but affordability in Dubai – this may be news to some. It is a fact that even to this day, Dubai is considered by many, including rating agencies as one of the most expensive cities in the world today. However, that’s when you compare the emerging urban centers around the world.

When you compare things like overall monthly/ yearly earning, spending, saving habits and lifestyle, you tend to think and perhaps rightly so that Dubai is not the most affordable place to live. To some extent, it is true but there things are changing in Dubai for the better. We live in a world where healthcare, among other basic necessities always take the center stage as they should. However, affordable healthcare is something that is still not available in many parts of the world. Keeping that in mind, it is obvious that if Dubai fails to deliver that, it will be back to square one for the Dubai political leadership.

Now imagine the consequences of a government failing to deliver something they’ve been promising citizens for some time now. Affordable healthcare will sit at the forefront in years to come and when that happens, we may see Dubai becoming the regional hub of affordable healthcare. Here is more on why it makes sense to think Dubai will become the hub of affordable healthcare in the near future:

Maintaining Priorities

Like it or not, but the popularity of Dubai cannot be questioned. Just go to the airport and you will notice thousands landing into the city each day. Frankly, you don’t see that kind of traffic in any nearby city by a long shot. However, it should be noted that most of these folks come to Dubai for other purposes, and not for healthcare.

But, those who come here for treatment, they do so to visit the place and get the best treatment on cutting edge facilities.